Living Surface TM

'Living surface™' is an interactive playground made up of layers of vivid graphics waiting to interact with a person’s movements. It’s as real as walking through a field of daisies or brushing snow from a bench. Whether on the floor, table, wall or ceiling, the digital ‘live’ creatures swim, hop or fly and react to your every movement.

Experience the world of interactive fish, whispering flowers, magical footprints or the wonderland you have created.

Living surface™ is a cutting edge, easy to use, new media tool, helping you deliver your marketing message in a unique and creative way. Include logos, messages, advertising graphics or images to wow the audience.

Living surface™ makes possible:

  • Realistic photography thanks to state-of-the-art 3D graphic technology
  • Individual creativity – use your photos, film, graphics, messages
  • Automatic interchangeable designs and special effects
  • Upgrade option for new effects and games using the same technology
  • Its use as an interactive advertising medium