The Multi Touch Table

New to hit Europe, the Multi Touch Table is an advanced system where multiple users can visualise, navigate and analyze large amounts of information.

This new interactive technology can be compared to a giant version of the i-phone or i-touch: images, video and internet site windows can be zoomed, rotated and played simultaneously.

The Multi Touch Table is the next buzz technology to hit Europe because of its modern and easy-to-use features and its limitless content possibilities.

In Advertising
In the current economic climate, where advertising or marketing budgets are continuously slashed, agencies, media buyers and advertisers place a high priority on interactive media, regarding it as one of the most cost-effective ways to create all-important ties and consumer buy-in.

In Design
It is the breakthrough that design professionals have been waiting for as they can now manipulate designs the way you manipulate paper, but with all the advantages of digital media. It reduces hard copy draughts and can be easily shared with teams and clients who can participate in making tweaks and changes to design and plans.

In the Home
This is the technology of the future and can be adapted to sit as a wall screen or a coffee table. In future, it will enable you to control all of your media, choosing between web, audio and video at the touch of a button, right from your armchair. This is clearly "the next generation" of Windows Media Center. Until finer software can be developed to make it the next Home Entertainment Centre, the Multi Touch Table can be used in the same way as you would use a computer, except that it can be as big as a 50” screen, making it ergonomically friendly and highly attractive for the home.